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  • Matzo Ball Soup1/25

  • Classic NY bagel with Lox2/25

  • Hand Sliced Smoked Salmon3/25

  • Pastrami Salmon4/25

  • Sturgeon5/25

  • Fish Platters6/25

  • Caviar7/25

  • Classic NY bagel8/25

  • Challa Bread9/25

  • Salad Spreads10/25

  • Sweets & Pastries11/25

  • Traditional Reuben12/25

  • Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur13/25

  • Traditional Gefilte Fish Homemade for Holidays14/25

  • Hanukkah Set15/25

  • Feb. Black & Pink Cookies16/25

  • Hanukkah Blue & White Cookies17/25

  • Fish & Vegetable Platters18/25

  • Herring Platter19/25

  • Meat Platters20/25

  • Challa Bread Pudding21/25

  • Pickle Herring22/25

  • Pickles23/25

  • Olives24/25

  • Simply Nova Store25/25


Curated Caviar Selections

Simply Nova was founded by two New Yorkers with 35 years of experience in the appetizing and delicatessen world impassioned with the vision to elevate quality and hospitality.

We are a small shop located in the heart of Brooklyn, seeking to bring people together through our quintessential New York food and soul-filled service. Our industry expertise is rooted in our connections to the people we serve, the relationships we’ve made and that relic experience that makes our city special. Our service is derived from the care we put into our food preparation and the great respect we have for our suppliers and customers.

At Simply Nova, we care about the food we serve and embrace the passion our team brings in delivering the highest quality of product to our community. At our core stands our mission to deliver more than just great eats – we are creating a gracious environment that creates memories, fosters community, and invites great conversation around a little bit of nosh. Come join the dialogue.


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July 4th 2024 8:00 AM To 3:00 PM